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Biržų TP - Elektros darbai
Our Specialisation
Design, construction, operation and maintenance of electricity and telecommunications networks

We perform design works for electric engineering (up to 10 kV), electronic communications (telecommunications), security and fire alarm systems.
Our Services:
  • Connection of new users to electricity or telecommunications networks
  • Construction and repairs of overhead and cable lines and transformer substations of 0.4-110 kV
  • Installation, adjustment and repairs of street lighting, electric systems and electric equipment for residential houses, industrial and administrative buildings
  • Laying, assembling and installation of telecommunications bus networks (lightguides)
  • Closed passages under streets and in other places as requested, up to Ø130 mm, without damaging the existing coverings
  • Measurements of electric network systems in different purpose structures. Testing of 10 kV cables at increased voltage
  • Testing and calibration of automatic switches of up to 4000A
  • Assembly of electric engineering closets and panels for various intended purposes



UAB Indastrus
Pajuostes Rd. 36, LT-36104 Panevezys
Tel. (+370 45) 502 335
Fax (+370 45) 502 318
E-mail indastrus@indastrus.lt 

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