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Biržų TP - Elektros darbai
Public Objects

Laisves Square in Panevezys – outdoor electricity works in parking lots and paths.


500-year anniversary of Panevezys City – Lighting of the statue of Alexander Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland.


Installation of outdoor electricity networks for P G. Petkevicaitė-Bite public library of Panevezys County, Panevezys.


Electricity works in the Resurrection Church in Kaunas.


Lighting works for Holy Trinity Church in Panevezys.


Lighting of Saint Peter and Paul Church in Panevezys.


Lighting works in Ukmerge Street in Panevezys.


Connection of Egivela Entertainment Centre UAB, Panevezys, to the electricity networks. Concrete substation.


Electricity works in Panevezys Communities Rooms (Bendruomenių rūmai).



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